“Niko & The Way to the Stars” was one of the most successful children's films in 2009 with over 750,000 tickets sold in Germany alone. The sequel “Niko - Little Brother, Big Trouble” in 2012 also delighted the audience. Both films were a global success with sales to more than 120 territories.

Now the journey continues, the third “Niko” film is in development, the screenplay is written by Kari Juusonen and Hannu Tuomainen, the start of production is planned for end of 2021.

The story remains exciting, after some years, Niko has grown up to be a pre-teen, whose parents are very keen to know what Niko should do with his life. Father wants Niko to continue his work in the Flying Forces – a wonderful job to have adventures, free time, be admired and live life of a celebrity. Then again, his mother wants Niko to be a guardian and protector of the home herd at the secret valley – a wonderful job to have responsibility and be a respected member of the community. Niko can´t have both – and nobody actually asks what the boy himself wants... On the way to wild North Niko faces enemies and friends, and slowly begins to realize what it is he himself really wants to do, what is his place and mission in life. With a happy ending!

PRODUCTION Ulysses Films with Anima Vitae (Finland), Cinemaker (Finland), A.Film Production (Denmark), Moetion Films (Ireland) DIRECTOR Kari Juusonen SCRIPT Kari Juusonen, Hannu Tuomainen 

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