“Niko & The Way to the Stars” was one of the most successful children's films in 2009 with over 750,000 tickets sold in Germany alone. The sequel “Niko - Little Brother, Big Trouble” in 2012 also delighted the audience. Both films were a global success with sales to more than 120 territories.

Now the journey continues, the third “Niko” film is in production!

After a tearful goodbye, Niko leaves his family behind to take his place next to his father, Prancer on Santa’s Flying Forces. For Niko, it’s a dream come true: to become a hero, like his father.

But Stella, an unknown challenger arrives, to compete for Niko’s spot. Despite their competitiveness, Niko admires her, and invites Stella to show her where Santa’s sleigh is hidden. However, on the night before Christmas Eve, Stella steals it. Gutted by Stella’s betrayal and desperate to appease his angry father, Niko heads to the Frozen North to recover the sleigh. Accompanied by his loyal friends, flying squirrel Julius and weasel Wilma.

As our heroes face grave danger, difficult choices are made that change Christmas forever.
Through friendships, old and new, Niko learns to forge his own path and reconcile old hurts in this heart-warming Holiday adventure.

PRODUCTION Ulysses Films with Anima Vitae (Finland), Cinemaker (Finland), A. Film Production (Denmark), Moetion Films (Ireland) DIRECTOR Kari Juusonen CO-DIRECTOR Jørgen Lerdam SCRIPT Kari Juusonen, Hannu Tuomainen, Marteinn Thorisson GERMAN DISTRIBUTOR Telepool WORLD SALES Global Screen SUPPORTED BY Finnish Film Foundation, MOIN Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, Screen Ireland, Danish Film Institute, FFA, Eurimages, DFFF, Business Finland, Section 481, Estonian Film Institute, Telepool, MTV-CMore, DR, RTÉ, Nordisk Film, BAC Films, Global Screen

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