Luis and the Aliens - The Series

Life for 13 year old Luis used to be simple but also pretty ‚Meh‘. Until the day an UFO crash-landed in his home town and EVERYTHING CHANGED!

Well, not everything, but now he has three amazing intergalactic buddies, Mog, Nag and Wabo. They‘re mighty, morphin‘ and more than a little mad. Nobody besides Luis knows about their existence and they try everything to keep that secret. And they‘ve also pledged to defend the Earth from intergalactic invaders! His daily life is charged with new challenges as he struggles to... save the Earth from intergalactic criminals, protect his alien friends from discovery and last but not least grow up as a normal teen. That last one is probably the hardest.

PRODUCTION Ulysses Films CONCEPT Alan Gilbey BASED ON the Feature Film "Luis and the Aliens" by Wolfgang Lauenstein and Christoph Lauenstein

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